Cleansui Warranty Policy


Applying for all products which are activated warranty or come with warranty cards + proofs of purchase.

A product subjected to warranty only in case it meets the following conditions: 

  • Products must be in term of warranty. Products must be intact and without signs of disassembly.
  • Damages are due to technical errors or manufacturer’s errors and determined by Cleansui technicians.
  • Product is not in the scope of Rejection of Warranty.
  • The products are only used with tap water (according to QCVN 01:2009/BYT), the water pressure is from 0.05 MPa to 0.35 MPa, temperature under 60 degree Celsius.

For all products which are activated warranty or attached warranty card + proofs of purchase.

A product rejected to warranty only in case it meets all following conditions:

  • Products have signs of disassembly in the first repair.
  • Products have stains or are distorted due to falling, or using solvent cleansers which contains acid or corrosive substances on products’ surface.
  • Products have signs of fire, being penetrated by animals, insects or using in humidity environment.
  • Products are damaged as a result of natural disasters such as fire, flood.
  • Damages are due to improper transportation condition.
  • Products are out of warranty period or with damages caused by wrong using and installation.
  • Damages are due to using in high temperature environments or directly under the sun.
  • No warranty is provided for batteries (if available)

Customers are recommended to have a careful checkup at receipt of products as follows: 100% new, intact, without distortion, full of accessories, attached documents (if any)

Warranty period of the shower Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui



No. Product Part of product Warranty period
1 ES101 Body 2 Years
ESC11 Cartridge 4 Months/ 8.000 Liters
2 ES201W Body 2 Years
ESC21W Cartridge 2 Months/ 4.000 Liters
3 ES301-WT
Body 2 Years
ESC31Z Cartridge 1 Month/ 3.000 Liters


* Products not registered for electronic warranty will apply normal warranty policy: 1 year for the body, 7 days for the cartridge.