Warranty Policy


Applying for all products which are activated warranty online at website: https://www.mitsubishicleansui.vn/dangkybaohanh

  • Products must have warranty stamp on and is within warranty period. Warranty stamps, Serial numbers must be intact, without scratching, erasing. (Warranty stamps are applied for model EU301).
  • Damage is due to technical errors or manufacturer’s error. (Cleansui technicians will determine the damage).
  • Product is not in scope of Rejection of Warranty.
  • The products are only used with tap water (according to QCVN 01:2009/BYT), the water pressure is from 0.07 to 0.35 MPa, under 35oC and above freezing temperature, except the showers under 60°C.

A product rejected to warranty only in case it meets all following conditions:

  • Product is without warranty stamp in the first repair time or the stamp is torn, removed.
  • Product has stain with surface distorted by fallen, or used washing water which contains acid, varnish for washing.
  • Product has signs of fire, being penetrated by animals, insects or using in humidity environment.
  • Product is damaged as a result of natural disasters such as fire, flood, using wrong voltage, unstable power supply or improper transportation condition.
  • Product is out of warranty period. Defect caused by wrong using, installation.
  • Defect is due to using in high temperature environments or directly under sunshine.

Please check the product quality upon receipt, such as: 100% new, intact, without distortion, full of accessories, attached documents (if any).

Warranty period

No. Model Product type Parts Warranty period
1 EU301 Alkaline water ionizer Faucet 5 years
Electrolytic tank 2 years
Control panel 2 years
Connecting wiring system 2 years
EUC2000 cartridge 6 months
2 EU201



Under-sink water purifier Faucet 5 years
Connection wiring system 1 year
EUC2000 cartridge 6 months
3 HLS-WP901 Water dispenser Product body 2 years
EUC2000 cartridge 6 months
– Applicable for products with damages caused in or not exceeding 7 days of warranty period.
– Applicable for products with technical errors or manufacturing defects in 30 days from the date of installation.