Making up 70-80% of body weight, water not only helps maintain life but also plays an important role in stabilizing human health.

Immune system needs water

Water makes up 75% of the brain, 75% of the muscle, 83% of the blood and 22% of the bones, so it plays an extremely important role in the human body. The body needs water to function properly, especially given the many diverse and complex components of the immune system.

Water plays an important role in the human body (Source: Dreamstime)

Water provides a source of minerals, transports essential nutrients to cells and cells in all activities in the body. Drinking plenty of water helps blood circulate well, throughout the body and carry enough oxygen to all cells. Water also has the ability to eliminate toxins and waste products that cannot be absorbed by organs and cells and are taken out through urine and feces. Water’s ability to stabilize body temperature is also a factor that helps the body release heat when the ambient temperature is higher than body temperature.

In addition, water also has the effect of lubricating the contact point of the joints, synovial membrane and membrane, making joints flexible. In some cases, water provides a shock-absorbing effect to the eyes and spinal cord, including the fetus in amniotic fluid.

Clean water ensures a healthy body

The source of water maintained in the body is very meaningful to each person’s life. The proof is that when using contaminated water, it will cause diseases of the intestines, dermatology, eyes, gynecology …. . These diseases can be transmitted to healthy people from inadequate water sources and from sharing contaminated water sources for daily living. More surprisingly, long-term use of water contaminated with heavy metals can lead to cancers.

Therefore, to ensure the body has enough energy and materials to function, you need to use clean drinking water and meet safety standards. But how clean is the water, is it standard with enough natural minerals?

Cleansui EJ102 Pitcher

Clean water is defined by the majority as hygienic water, clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless, free from pathogenic microorganisms and harmful substances that affect the health of users. However, most people can only judge clean or polluted water by the senses, which is rarely based on science. Boiled water, tap water, and bottled drinking water are all clean by default.

With Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui, we ensure the quality of products and drinking water from filtration equipment that completely meet quality standards in Japan, the US and Vietnam, from QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT certification to standards. NSF standards of the US and JIS – Japan. In particular, 100% Made in Japan hollow fiber membrane technology helps to purify water while preserving natural minerals, stabilizing clean drinking water for lasting strength.


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