To have a fragrant rice cooker, delicious rice is the most important factor. But for the rice grain to retain its natural flavor, water is the decisive factor.

Clean water is rich in minerals, rice grains are more delicious

Most Vietnamese families now use tap water to wash rice and cook rice. However, according to Associate Professor Ph.D Nguyen Van Hoan – former director of the Rice Research Institute, Academy of Agriculture, this will lose the basic flavor of the rice grain because in the tap water that has been treated for cleaning, there is still a residue. certain chlorine content. Using tap water to cook rice causes the rice to lose its natural aroma, the rice grain may be harder, not flexible and fragrant.

Therefore, Professor Ph.D advises that it is best to filter the water before cooking to remove the chlorine that causes hardening of the rice grains and to ensure that the amount of vitamin B1 is not lost so that the rice cooker is fragrant.

Pure mineral water brings rich rice flavor (Source: moitruong)

With the desire to contribute to creating delicious and nutritious meals for a sustainable health, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui has brought to Vietnam 100% Made in Japan hollow fiber membrane technology. Applying advanced technology in its devices, Cleansui not only helps families have delicious rice dishes but also provides pure mineral drinking water to stabilize the health of all family members.

The secret of delicious clean water with Japanese standard rice

Filtered water from Cleansui devices has been tested and meets the standards of safe drinking water QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT as well as the certifications of standard water filtration products of the US – NSF and Japan – JIS. In particular, the advanced hollow fiber filter can remove bacteria with a microscopic size from 0.01 micrometers while maintaining the natural minerals in the water.

Therefore, using Cleansui mineral-rich drinking water to cook rice is the perfect choice for both washing and cooking processes. Rice grains will retain their inherent flavor, texture, aroma and essential minerals.

The secret to cooking rice with Cleansui  from Mr. Toyozo Nishikima

To better understand the water quality of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui and the importance of water when cooking rice, you can refer to the secret to cooking perfect rice from Mr. Toyozo Nishikima. Mr. Toyozo is a 5-star rice appraiser in Japan, and also owns the famous rice shop Suzunobu.

Using a rice cooker and pure mineral water from the Cleansui EJ103 water filter, Mr. Toyozo introduced 12 simple steps for a quality rice cooker. That is 7 steps to cook rice and 5 steps when the rice is cooked for a delicious, flexible, full aroma.

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