Why should you choose MPOE total filter system

Internationally recognized water purifier brand

With more than 35 years in clean water filtration industry, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui has become one of the leading brands in Japan. All water purifiers has been exported and distributed in over 40 countries.

Advanced cartridge 100% imported from Japan

MPOE050E cartridges are produced at the factory in Aichi - Japan by applying advanced technology and following strictly quality standards. Both cartridges are chemical-free which do not contain toxic ingredients, ensuring the extreme safety for health and the environment.

Chlorine retention for bacterial prevention

MPOE whole house filtration systems are the only products applying the filtration technology that removes bacteria and impurities at the size from 0.1 micrometers but retains Chlorine. Chlorine is kept for disinfection of the domestic piping system which limits bacterial proliferation and ensures your good health.

Clean water with minerals intact

MPOE050E cartridges used in the MPOE systems are manufactured with the advanced Hollow fiber membrane technology, helping to remove bacteria and impurities whilst retaining natural minerals in water. This source of water will be used for alkaline ionizers.

Unlimited filtration capacity for clean and safe water

There is no limitation on the water filtration capacity for your daily activities. Thanks to its automatic cartridge cleaning mechanism, cartridge life is ensured for a long term use.

Excellent service guarantee

The products are genuine and offered warranty under the sales and after-sales policies of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui in Vietnam.