Why should you choose MP02-4 total filter system

Internationally recognized water purifier brand

With more than 35 years in clean water filtration industry, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui has become one of the leading brands in Japan. All water purifiers has been exported and distributed in over 40 countries.

High-end water purifiers 100% imported from Japan

The whole product set is produced and imported 100% from Japan, applying advanced technology and following strictly quality standards.

Clean water without particles and bacteria from 0.1 micrometers

MP02-4 water purifier is featured with multiple filtration layers, especially hollow fiber membrane which helps to eliminate micron-sized particles and bacteria from tap water for clean and safe water home use purposes.

Excellent service guarantee

The products are genuine and offered warranty under the sales and after-sales policies of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui in Vietnam.