Our story

Over 35 years ago, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui completed our primary mission which was bringing clean water to people in Japanese by developing and applying an advanced water filtration technology known as Hollow fiber membrane.

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui has become one of the most prestigious water purifier manufacturers in Japan since then. We have constantly striven to research and develop safe water filtration solutions towards an improvement in living standards for people in more than 40 countries worldwide, in parallel with environment protection and preservation of water resource.

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Journey of bringing clean water to Vietnamese families

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui is fully aware of what Vietnamese people, especially those in big cities, are concerning about when it comes to water safety, including quality of domestic water, potential risks to health safety from deteriorated water piping system, or even existing habits of water consumption which are no longer suitable with modern days.

With a firm technology background and years of experience in water treatment industry, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui strongly believes that our water purifiers will be the most reliable choices ever, bringing clean and safe water for the good health of Vietnamese families.

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Clean water solution for your health protection

Start Cleansui ecosystem with the whole house water filtration solutions. Cleansui ecosystem includes a series of water filtration solutions for your entire house, offering you and your family clean and safe water for several purposes.

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