This is the ability of removal of impurities at certain level of filtration capacity. For example: CAT (chemical/ pesticides) 20,000L (Removal rate: 80%) can be understood this way: CAT is agrochemicals used to fertilize crops. When the amount of water flowing through cartridge reaches 20,000L, this ability reduces by 80%. However, it is recommended by the manufacturer that EUC2000 filtered cartridge should be replaced when it reaches to maximum capacity of 8,000L or 12 months whichever comes first to ensure the quality of filtered water.

EUC2000 filter cartridge consists of 4 filtration layers with capacity of up to 8,000L. Its price is fixed at VND 3,960,000 which is equivalent to VND 495/ liter. Water filtered by EUC2000 cartridge is clean with minerals intact for your good health and tested qualified with QCVN 06-1:2010/BYT standards. EU2000 filter cartridge can replace 16,000 water bottles of 500ml. Therefore, you can contribute to the reduction of plastic wastes and environmental protection.

You should follow the cartridge replacement conditions as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the filtered water is always up to standard and safe for your health. The filter's activated carbon layer is only valid for 12 months, or after 8,000 liters of filtered water. After this time, the ability to absorb deodorant mold, bacteria and impurities,... will decrease, thereby affecting the quality of the output filtered water.

Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers are 100% manufactured in Japan, imported and genuinely distributed in Vietnam by Hai Li Co., Ltd. with a variety of product lines, including: alkaline water ionizer, water filter dispenser, combined under-sink, under-sink, faucet - mounted, pitchers and commercial. Mitsubishi Cleansui products use only one cartridge with high efficiency, no electricity, no waste water (except for EU301 alkaline water ionizer) and save installation space. With compact and convenient design, Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers not only provide clean and safe filtered water, fully meet the needs of users for drinking and daily use, but also ensure the aesthetics for the installation space.

Mitsubishi Cleansui cartridge is the perfect combination of traditional water purification method with activated carbon and modern water purification technology with Hollow fiber membrane. The product integrates 4 filtration layers in one high-performance filter cartridge, including: non-woven fabric, ion exchange fiber, activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane. The cartridge is compact and handy compared to other products in the market but still ensures clean, safe filtered water quality, retains natural minerals in the water, and is good for consumers' health. EUC2000 cartridge meets QCVN06:2010/BYT standards.

The national technical regulation on drinking water quality in Vietnam is QCVN01:2009/BYT. Therefore, we recommend that you use tap water in accordance with national standards for Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier to ensure the quality of filtered water which is committed to our customers and brings you good health.

Harmful bacteria that exist in water such as Coliform, E Coli, streptococcus, ... usually have a size of 0.3 micrometers or more. Hollow fiber filter with microscopic pores, only from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometer, will easily remove bacteria and harmful substances in water. Products of Mitsubishi Cleansui achieve prestigious domestic and international quality testing standards such as:
  • JIS-S 3201 certification by the Ministry of Industry of Japan
  • Certification QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT - National Technical Regulation for natural mineral water and bottled drinking water

Mineral water is water with natural minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Phosphate, Magnesium and other micronutrients for good health. Purified water is water without minerals. It is also called distilled water. Drinking water with minerals intact provides our body with the amount of essential minerals that are missing in daily meals. For example: Calcium and Magnesium help to boost the strength of bones and teeth, protect our hearts and reduce stresses, etc.

In 1970, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation was the first company to develop Hollow fiber membrane technology. From a superfine polyethylene material, super-thin filtration fibers were created. The inside of fibers was processed using high technology by roundly heating at high temperatures and prolonging the filament winding process without using any solvent, ensuring the safety and the cleanliness of drinking water after filtered. The hollow fiber membrane features perforated tubes with tiny holes, and water goes through the sidewall of the tubes with size ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometers.

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation is not only one of leading Japanese water purifier brands with more than 35 years of experience in water treatment but also a pioneer in researching and developing the first Hollow fiber membrane technology in the world. Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers are commonly used in Japan and imported to more than 40 countries worldwide. Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers are 100% made in Japan in Koda factory and Toyohashi factory located in Aichi. In Vietnam, Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers are imported and distributed by Haili Co., Ltd. Therefore, product quality and aftersales services are completely ensured.

Although using 20-liter water bottles is considered as a safe solution, there are some disadvantages compared to using Cleansui water purifier as follows:

  • It takes time to have water ready, you have to wait for delivery service.
  • The process of bottling & rinsing may not be guaranteed, the risk of re-infection is high due to the reuse of plastic bottles -> Microbiological criteria is not guaranteed.
  • Water bottles at some unreliable facilities may have sediments or solids at the bottom of the bottles due to the presence of unexpected objects in the production process -> Physicochemical criteria are not guaranteed.

In addition, the cost of using Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui water purifier (using EUC2000 cartridge ) is 495 VND/ liter, cheaper than using water from a bottle with the cost in the range of VND 1,000 - 2,500/ liter (type VND 20,000 - 50,000/ bottle of 20 liters).

Tap water meets Vietnam's domestic water standard which is QCVN 01: 2009/BYT. However, you should note that: To reach your home, tap water has gone a long way in the plumbing system. On its way, there may be a lot of impurities such as dirts, rusts, leads,... and even bacteria. Therefore, Cleansui recommends that you should not drink tap water directly without going through a reliable water purifier. Drinking boiled water is an old habit of the Vietnamese people. However, did you know that boiled water can get re-infected after 2 hours, and after 24 hours, the amount of bacteria will continue to multiply? Therefore, Cleansui recommends that water should be consumed within 2 hours after boiling or you should use water filtered from a reputable water purifier.

If you are interested in experiencing Mitsubishi Cleansui filtration technology and don’t want to spend much money, there are some other options for products in CS category:
  • Faucet-mounted water purifiers: EF102, EF201, EF401
  • Pitchers: EJ101, EJ102, EJ103
  • De-chlorinating showers: ES101, ES201W, ES301
Products in CS category are known for their compact and handy design with affordable price for the majority of consumers.

The faucet of EU201 and EU202 is made of chrome-plated copper that is highly anti-bacteria. In addition, Mitsubishi Cleansui recommends that you discharge water for 15 seconds before each use, so that filtered water will not be mixed with tap water used earlier and will be safe to use.

For those who are going to have new houses and don’t want to install several faucets to ensure the integrity and the beauty of the kitchen, either EU201 or EU202 combined under-sink water purifier is your suitable option. These two products are featured with a combined faucet which allows you to use both hot/cold tap water and filtered water. Especially, the elegant and handy design with flexible shower hose which can be pulled out of the faucet and flexible select button for easy switch of water mode make it easy for cooking and cleaning. Both products use only 1 EUC2000 filter cartridge with 4 filtration layers combined. Thanks to applying Hollow fiber membrane technology in EUC2000 cartridge, products bring you clean and safe water for your daily use without installing additional devices.

For those who wish to use safe and high-quality water purifiers for drinking purposes without complicated installation, Mitsubishi Cleansui highly recommend the following products:
  • ET101 or ET201 counter-top water purifier: Compact and easy to connect with your existing water faucet. Quick installation with easy steps in approx. 1 minute. Easy to use both tap water and filtered water using a switch. Products are 100% imported from Japan, offering you and family clean and safe water at affordable price.
  • EU101 under-sink water purifier: Its main faucet is made of shiny chrome-plated copper. EU101 helps to easily get clean water from the main faucet on the sink top without much space needed. Additionally, EUC2000 filter cartridge that combines 4 filtration layers is installed under the sink, saving a lot of space for storage of other kitchen stuffs. Its high capacity of 8,000 liters fulfills the need for drinking water, clean water for cooking or making drinks,...for families of 4-6 members. EU101 not only offers you a high-quality product made in Japan but also compliments your nice kitchen whilst keeping its integrity.

There are 5 electrolyte plates made of Platinum and Titanium in the electrolysis tank in which water with different pH levels is created. Thanks to its self-cleaning mechanism, the lifetime of these electrolyte plates is maintained. However, if pH levels of water from EU301 is not qualified in 2 years, you should contact Mitsubishi Cleansui for the maintenance of electrolysis tank using ASH5000 electrolysis tank. Please note that this should be conducted by Mitsubishi Cleansui technician. Please do not uninstall the device for cleaning. This may cause damages to the device or unexpected incidents.

EU301 alkaline water ionizer is the combination of a high-grade EUC2000 cartridge and a electrolysis tank. EU301 has different water modes with corresponding pH levels, including 4 alkaline water modes, 1 acidic water mode and 1 alkaline water mode for your daily consumption. Its dedicate faucet has a compact and elegant design with modern electronic control panel, with a genuine warranty of up to 5 years. EU301 alkaline water ionizer is available for sales in the Vietnamese market at a reasonable price, complying with a reliable after-sales policy from an authorized distributor, offering not only clean and tasty water but also highest satisfaction in quality and service of Japanese standards. (Please refer to website

We are sorry that installment payment is only applied for credit card holders of most banks in Vietnam: VIETCOMBANK, TECHCOMBANK, ACB, VIB, VP, TPBANK, HDBANK, etc. Please call us at 1800 8171 (Southern Vietnam) - 1800 8172 (Northern Vietnam) for further information.

A service fee will be charged for product re-installation service according to company policy. Please contact your nearest service store for detailed information. You can also call us at 1800 8171 (Southern Vietnam) - 1800 8172 (Northern Vietnam) or find more in our website.

There are up to 78 warranty service providers nationwide. You can contact with the nearest provider in case of product warranty or replacement. For further details, please contact us via hotline 1800 8171 (Southern Vietnam) - 1800 8172 (Northern Vietnam), or get access to

All products are offered 12 months of warranty (6 months for EUC2000 cartridge). Specifically, the main faucet of model EU301, EU201, EU202, EU101 will get up to 5 years of warranty. Water input: Tap water. For more details, please click this link:

Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers are genuinely distributed in Vietnam by Haili Co., Ltd. We don’t provide any support in product installation or replacement for the hand-carried water purifiers or those provided by other companies which are not in our sales network. This is how we ensure the benefits of our customers as well as the compatibility of filter cartridge and filtered water.


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